8 Track Management, Inc. is the fruition of a dream started in 2012 by music agent and promoter Taylor Kravitt. Taylor has worked with some of the biggest names in music from Alice Cooper and the Allman Brothers Band to Lady Gaga and Cindy Lauper. In 2012 Taylor started a small promotions company called Vicarious Venues, and in less than a year it had become one of the largest promotions companies in Chicago, booking shows at House of Blues, Double Door, Metro and 12 other local Chicago venues. By the beginning of 2013, Vicarious Venues was booking over 150 bands a month in Chicago and working with the top artists in Chicago on a regular basis. It was by working with these artists that Taylor realized there was a serious need of a professional management company in Chicago, as any artist that was discovered in the city was immediately picked up by either a New York of Los Angeles based management company. It was around this time that Rafay Qamar entered the picture.


Rafay Qamar moved to the United States in 2005 and by 2006 he had already purchased, renovated and sold his first house. Coming from a long line of successful businessmen, Rafay took less than a year to not only start a successful business, but also put every one of his competitors out of business. After gaining financial success, Rafay set his eyes on his true love; music. Having won several musical awards as a child, including The All Asia Classical Music Award In Vocal Classical, beating out over 500 other contestants, Rafay had always dreamed of a career in music. It wasn’t long before Rafay began managing several of Chicago’s best up and coming acts, and it was one of these acts that would cause Rafay and Taylor to cross paths.


In late 2012 while attending a co-promoted concert at The Hard Rock Cafe, Rafay and Taylor met each other and immediately began exchanging ideas about where they saw the Chicago music scene going. Rafay suggested combining resources and within a month, 8 Track Management had been formed.


8 Track Management was formed with one goal in mind: an “old school” approach to music management. A company whose goal is to keep the artist/artists happy and meet their goals, as opposed to simply coaching them in how to make the most money. 8 Track Management meets personally with their artists on a regular basis and works to meet whatever goal artists have in mind, whether it be playing shows at larger venues, or signing a CD deal with a major record company. From day one, 8 Track Management will do everything possible to make the artists’ goal a reality.


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