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Famous Like You, or the band formerly known as A Kidnap In Color, was formed in late 2006 when childhood friends Davey Carlson (lead vocalist), and Dan Gilardi, (guitar) combined musical forces with friends Christopher White (drums) and Peter Day (bass). They began writing, recording and touring relentlessly in support of their first EP, The Rumours Are Flying. Their brand of dance-y pop coupled with catchy lyrics and soaring melodies quickly garnered a strong presence and respect amongst the Chicago pop-music scene. They have played alongside many pop “big dog” bands like, Boys Like Girls, The Maine, Mayday Parade and All Time Low. After recently getting themselves out of a long, drawn out contract preventing the band from owning the rights to any digital recording they would subsequently release, they decided it was best to change their name and start fresh. Famous Like You is the metaphorical caterpillar turned butterfly, and with a motto of “a fresh start with a head start” the band feels like their creativity is free to flow. Armed with their brand new debut EP Feels So Good, the band is poised and ready to share their music with everyone.

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