halfmoon mad


In a world where music has been watered down like a cheap drink, Halfmoon Mad strives for authenticity. Hailing from Chicago, Halfmoon Mad showcases an alchemical blend of alternative, rock, and pop; able to melt faces or melt hearts. At a time when music needs rescuing, listeners craving and missing thoughtful music will find it here, lurking in the melodic riffs and catchy hooks that make Halfmoon Mad unforgettable.

Joanna was born to concert pianists and has had inspiration running through her veins and heart from her first breath. Music has always been an integral part of her existence, receiving classical vocal style lessons as well as learning piano and oboe. Joanna continued to sing through high school and in to college. Realizing her potential after playing a house party, Joanna began to take her inspiration to new levels and eventually form Halfmoon Mad. Her lyrics are unmatchably honest, raw, and seductive; through her voice, she reaches listeners on a deep, soul-scraping level. Bringing a bit of hippie-esque essence with rock vibe, Joanna is a front person that will keep your eyes and ears locked on the stage.

Lead guitarist George Kolovos mathematically constructs melodic and soulful leads to blistering solos, that pull listeners in without fail, all the while keeping the musically-adept guessing. Drummer Maxwel Perna expertly tailors driving drum beats, alluring in their complexity and intricacy. Steven Perna, bassist, is responsible for the contagious and clever grooves that are a signature of Halfmoon Mad. Rachel Atlas, the newest member of Halfmoon Mad, makes her presence known in her precise and expressive execution at the keys.

Halfmoon Mad perfectly integrates elements from their both their musical backgrounds and influences to create a new, synergistic sound. Their songs will get stuck in your head and you’ll want them there.

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